Here all solutions for puzzle and game rules if you don't solve it alone

Solution for 2D Puzzles from samanea woodsolution for 3D puzzles from samanea woodsolution for packing puzzle and pentominos monkey pod

solution for string puzzle like lord of the ringgame rules for strategie games in samanea woodgames rules for dice and entertain games in samanea wood

We know it is not always possible to find the solution alone and solve the puzzle. Anytime you think you got the right way but the last or last 2 pieces don't want to go in the game and so nothing is match , thats makes people crazy. We show here all solutions from our games and puzzle we create and produce in Samanea wood. We hope you have the same fun to try to solve a puzzle and be creative in thinking to find the right way. Wooden games and wooden puzzle are really nice to play cause they are nature and nice to touch. So you have , even you don't solve it alone , a good time with nature products from Thailand , Chiang Mai. Big fun and we hope our game rules and solution for the puzzle are helpful for you. We spend a lot time to make it clear and to understand. Thanks for share our website.

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